About Us

Ariston glass is an exporting Greek manufacturing company of double and triple glazing systems, highly specialized in the latest generation of low-e safety glasses, and oversized glazing. It is the most experienced in the application of DGUs in the construction of minimal aluminum systems designed by the best companies in the world.

Its products are of the highest quality and, in addition, with the creation of , an in-house consulting service, is actively involved in the design and specification of projects by architects and engineers, as well as the installation and delivery of all the glass elements, exterior and interior of a building, such as curtain walls , windows, glass railings and canopies, interior partitions, glass floors and any kind of special glass construction.

The company’s employees and executives are well-trained, continuously educated and the company’s philosophy is oriented towards the provision of services before, during and after the completion of entire works, through the creation of collaborations and not simple selling of products to customers.

With integrated solutions of high-performance glazing systems as well as technologically advanced solutions that, in addition to aesthetic appeal, save energy, Ariston glass also contributes to the protecting of the environment.
Especially with respect to architectural applications of sophisticated requirements our moto is “Show us your vision and we will show how it can be done”

Our Target

The marketing of new and innovative glass products , high-tech systems and the response to the evolving needs and modern challenges of the market.

Environmental responsibility

With integrated solutions of high-performance energy glazing and with technologically advanced systems, which give aesthetic emphasis while saving energy, Ariston Glass contributes to the protection of the environment in two ways:

  • Introducing products to the market that will help save energy
  • Recycling of almost the entire quantities of glass resulting from damages
  • *It is reminded that glass is probably the most environmentally friendly building product, while its processing does not result in waste

Our Object

Greek Export Company processing and manufacturing their double and triple glazing systems.

  • It offers high quality services and products.
  • Construction of double or triple glazing of special specifications through i-BUiLD, our consulting service, we get involved in the design and specification of the projects by the architects and engineers, followed by the installation and delivery of all the glass elements and relevant products.

We design integrated solutions of high-performance energy glazing and technologically advanced aluminum systems, which give the desired aesthetic emphasis, while at the same time saving energy and contributing to the protection of the environmental.

The company’s market area covers all of Greece, but more importantly has significant present worldwide.i-BUiLD has completed many projects, in New York, Canada, in European countries (England, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg), in Australia, also in Egypt, Lebanon, Oman and has a significant presence and activity in the very demanding Israeli market, being the main glass supplier for the Microsoft offices building in Tel Aviv. It’s size, economic surface and its ever-increasing know-how, have positioned it during the last 5 years among the leaders of the Greek market in the field building facades.
It is characterized by a long-term dynamic and consistency in the construction market. It employs a total of 18 people to manage process and install glass panels and systems. Informed executives and middle management with many years of experience in the field are ready to suggest sound solutions for various indoor and outdoor applications and guide the stakeholders of any project through the multiple possibilities of glazing and such.
It is ISO 9001-2015 certified, its glass product are CE marked and provides a written 12 year worldwide guarantee for the correct operation of its glazing systems.
Its track record to date and the numerous project that have been successfully executed are inspiring confidence for an effective collaboration with you.


The provision of sophisticated products for the international market, as well as advanced services with technical excellence, reliability and consistency.


Monitoring the dominant technological trends in the glass industry as well as innovative products.
Safety as a first priority and ensuring an accident – free working environment in all our activities.

Corporate Responsibility

Respect for people is a key point of ours and is expressed in practice in the way we treat our own people and those who do business with our company.